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5 Reasons Why Polycarbonate Granules are Quickly Becoming Popular

5 Reasons for Growing Popularity of Polycarbonate Granules

Entrepreneurs today have to come up with creative solutions that allow them to manage their businesses. Polycarbonate has become one of the popular choices for many companies in various industries to manufacture various products. Polycarbonate is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer which is linked together by carbonate groups to offer unique properties. Today, polycarbonate granules are widely used in the industry for their versatile nature and recyclability. With a unique set of physical and chemical properties, polycarbonate makes an ideal material over glass and PE.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the properties of polycarbonate.

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Manufacturers today prefer to look for materials that can make things easier and more convenient for them. With the help of these granules, OEMs have the ease of storage and transportation as it usually comes in 25 kg packing. Furthermore, they are lighter than glass and therefore they are easier to mould and use in various ways. Being lightweight also increases efficiency, makes the installation process much simpler and minimizes the transportation cost.

Chemical Resistance

Often production companies and manufacturers are looking for materials that are resistant to chemicals that they use in production. Using PC resins makes the job easier for most manufacturers because they are naturally resistant to alcohol, aliphatic hydrocarbons, diluted acids and even oil and grease.

Resistance to Heat

Most production processes require materials to be stable at certain temperatures. Polycarbonates are thermally stable up to 135 degrees Celsius. Manufacturers can add flame retardants to it to make it further heat resistant. With this, you can ensure that the polycarbonates you choose can withstand repeated steam sterilizations.

High Impact Strength

While glass is still widely used in many industries it needs a lot of care, especially once it is manufactured until it is installed. With polycarbonates, manufacturers have the convenience to expedite the storage and installation process due to its high impact strength. The high impact strength of PC granules makes them resistant to scratches and cracks. This leads to higher reliability and safety. In many cases, polycarbonates are virtually unbreakable as they maintain toughness up to 140 degrees Celsius.


The reason most manufacturers still use glass is that it transmits all the light. However, with polycarbonates, things have changed because polycarbonates transmit over 90 per cent of light which makes them as good as glass. Furthermore, they can be cut to any shape and size due to its flexibility. This makes an ideal polymer to use in the automotive and interior/exterior lighting industries.


Hence, polycarbonates are soon becoming quite popular in the manufacturing industry because of their wide range of unique properties and features that no other material can offer.

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