PC Food Medical Grade Granules

Exploring the Versatility of PC Medical Grade Resin and PC Food Grade Granules

In today’s world, where safety and quality are paramount, the demand for advanced materials in various industries is constantly on the rise. Two key players in this arena are PC Medical Grade Resin and PC Food Grade Granules. These materials offer exceptional characteristics that cater to the stringent requirements of the medical and food industries.

PC Medical Grade Resin

PC Medical Grade Resin: Ensuring Safety in Healthcare

PC Medical Grade Resin, like SABIC HPS7 and SABIC 144R, is engineered to meet the exacting standards of the medical field. It possesses remarkable strength, impact resistance, and excellent biocompatibility, making it ideal for manufacturing medical devices, equipment, and housings. Kapoor Sales Corporation is a trusted PC 144R supplier that provides top-quality resins for medical applications.

PC Food Grade Granules: Elevating Food Safety

When it comes to the food industry, PC Food Grade Granules are a game-changer. These granules, including Lexan 144 and LEXAN HPS7-1125, meet the strict regulatory requirements for food contact materials. They are free from harmful substances and offer exceptional clarity, making them suitable for food packaging, utensils, and more. Kapoor Sales Corporation also supplies PC Food Medical Grade Granules, ensuring the safety of food products.

Form Kapoor Sales Corporation: Your Trusted Partner

Kapoor Sales Corporation is a reputable supplier known for its commitment to quality and customers satisfaction. They offer a wide range of PC medical-grade resins and PC food-grade granules, including SABIC HPS7, SABIC 144R, Lexan 144, and LEXAN HPS7-1125. With their expertise and high-quality products, they play a pivotals role in ensuring the safety and quality of products in the medical and food industries.  


PC Medical Grade Resin and PC Food Grade Granules are essential materials that uphold safety standards in the medical and food sectors. Kapoor Sales Corporation’s dedication to providing top-notch materials make them a reliable partner for businesse seeking to maintain the highests quality and safety standards in their products.

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