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How an SEO Audit Stops Website Ranking Drop & Improves SEO Gains

Website ranking drops are being experienced more than before because of increasing competency for SEO and regular rolling out of Google’s ranking algorithm. Today, no business can afford to lose the retained ground in the digital world because users’ friendly and search engines’ friendly online presence is the most effective way to attain sustainable growth. Improper website technical parameters, hosting/server issues, low-quality content, poor users’ experience, unhealthy SEO practices, fresh algorithm update etc are the key factors that often pull down the traffic volume and ranking. SEO site checkup or SEO checkup company identifies and evaluates all the listed on-page and off-page aspects that impact the business interests directly or indirectly.

Role of SEO Check-Up in a Website’s Performance

Website SEO checkup also termed as SEO audit or site SEO health checkup is a technical exercise with a wide scope commenced to identify the flaws and gaps in technical aspects of a website and the SEO assets. The scope of SEO audit depends upon the web owners’ prime concerns; however, most of the website owners outsource complete SEO audit package. As the increase in traffic and leads generation with ranking improvement has become the common concern of web owners, the outsourcing of customized SEO audit services is increasing fast. Almost all the business types seek SEO health check-up before launching a digital marketing campaign or after a rollout of Google algorithm update or after seeing a drop in traffic. But, why do the businesses wait for the loss to occur? SEO audit should be a periodic exercise to keep the business websites in the performance race.

Scope of Website SEO Audit:

As the ranking algorithms are getting advanced and complicated, retaining and improving the rank in organic search results is becoming more challenging. Even the intensive SEO exercises and other digital marketing practices may not deliver the expected results if the business website is not fine-tuned to the latest quality parameters. The top twelve factors that are evaluated for any website audit:

  1. Thrust on wrong and irrelevant keywords

69.7% of total search queries have four words or even more.

  1. Bad quality backlinks
  2. Broken redirects
  3. Google penalty
  4. Algorithm change

92.96% of total traffic comes through Google search, Google Maps & Google

  1. Increase in competition level
  2. Page speed
  3. Server issues
  4. Poor user experience

39% of online buyers’ decisions are influenced by the relevant search.

  1. User-generated content
  2. On-page technical issues aligned to meta information, urls, titles, content, navigation etc
  3. User behavior change

In 2200, 28% of searches to buy something from a nearby store resulted in a

SEO audit agency plans comprehensively for a technical SEO audit, on-page SEO audit, off-page SEO audit, architecture audit, website coding audit, content audit, and Google penalty identification etc. The web owners have a liberty to fix the scope of SEO audit services.

Concluding Note:

There are more than 200 ranking signals. The proficient and specialist SEO checkup agency takes care of almost all the issues that are harming or may harm the website performance. Therefore, the SEO audit scope becomes the major selection criteria for hiring the best SEO audit company. SEO audit gives the web owners not only the insights about the scope to improve but recommends the best feasible cost-effective practices also to fill the SEO gaps and perform better in the digital marketplace.

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