FD1122/D90002 (Diffuser for bulb)

3 Reasons to Choose PC White for Lighting

Why Invest in PC White for Lighting?

In the current scenario, companies are focused on how they can invest in better solutions and materials that would help them manufacture better quality products. Companies involved in manufacturing bulbs and LED lights today make use of diffuser polycarbonate granules that would help them manufacture better products. Polycarbonate has superior mechanical and transparency properties compared to other general plastics. This is enhanced further by adding functional fillers and additives to the PC compound. However, for this, you need to look for the best suppliers and manufacturers that can help you receive the best quality PC diffuser for lighting by LOTTE.

FD1122/D90002 (Diffuser for bulb)

PC White for Lighting Offers Better Transparency

One of the reasons why many companies and manufacturers that are involved in making LED lights and bulbs prefer diffuser polycarbonate as the level of transparency can be customised depending on their product. If you are interested in buying diffuser polycarbonates you need to focus on the best grades you can find. Grades like SE1080H/FW9891 (Base/Batten for tube-light) and FD1112/D72001 (Diffuser for downlighter) offer the best optical clarity without discoloration at elevated temperatures. Hence, you can look for suppliers and manufacturers that offer the best quality grades of diffuser polycarbonate.

Today, you can find many local suppliers and manufacturers that can offer you these grades. For this, you need to look for the best options through:

  • Local recommendations in the industry
  • Reading local comments and forums
  • Reading reviews and testimonials of local manufacturers

PC White for Lighting Offers High Impact Resistance

Companies manufacturing LED bulbs have to take in account several factors such as heat and impact resistance along with spotless translucency. With FD1122/D90002 (Diffuser for bulb) grade you can ensure that you can get the best impact resistance that enhances the product. This PC grades have good mechanical strength and chemical resistance and are therefore widely used in small electric devices and products.


Over the years, polycarbonate granules have become increasingly popular because they come in different grades and offer the best durability and high impact resistance and transparency. They are also flame retardants making them the ideal material for LED lights and bulbs.

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