Unlocking the Potential of PBT Resins – VALOX™: A Comprehensive Overview by Kapoor Sales Corporation

In the fast-paced world of modern manufacturing, the demand for high-performance plastics has never been greater. Among the myriad of materials available, PBT resins by the brand VALOX™ by Sabic stand out as versatile solutions, offering a wide range of applications and exceptional properties. As a leading supplier in the industry, Kapoor Sales Corporation and House of Plastics aims to shed light on the significance and diverse uses of PBT alloys and compounds namely VALOX 325, VALOX 420, VALOX FR 357, VALOX FR 420SE0 and VALOX DR51. In total, there are 63 non FR PBT granules & PBT alloys and 26 FR grades.


The Power of PBT Resins

PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate) resins are a class of high-performance thermoplastic polymers renowned for their remarkable mechanical strength, excellent electrical insulating properties, and impressive resistance to chemicals and heat. Kapoor Sales Corporation highlights the versatility of PBT resins, which find applications across various industries such as automotive, electronics, and consumer goods. Whether it’s in connectors, housings, or electrical components, PBT resins offer a winning combination of durability and processing.

Exploring PBT Granules: Building Blocks of Innovation

PBT granules form the backbone of many manufacturing processes. Their ability to be easily molded into intricate shapes while maintaining mechanical integrity makes them ideal for producing complex components used in automotive and industrial sectors.

VALOX 325: Unparalleled Performance and Durability

VALOX 325 is a general purpose, unreinforced PBT resin with overall improved processing. It ranks among the top choices for electrical and electronic applications. It is suitable for applications such as door handles, pumps, nozzles and sprinklers, pens & pencils, tank covers etc. Kapoor Sales Corporation elucidates the outstanding characteristics of VALOX 325, such as its superior tracking resistance and dielectric strength. These properties make it a sought-after material for tank covers, and a few mobile components as well.

VALOX 420: Striking the Balance Between Strength and Flame Resistance

VALOX 420 is a 30% GR PBT resin with excellent strength and stiffness along with outstanding dimensional stability. Kapoor Sales Corporation highlights its use in automotive applications where safety standards are rigorous. It is also widely used in appliance handles, spotlights, electric motors and connectors. VALOX 420’s ability to withstand demanding conditions, including exposure to high temperatures and chemicals, makes it an indispensable choice for parts in engine compartments and electrical systems.

VALOX FR 357 compound: Advancing Safety Standards

VALOX 357 has multiple variants namely 357, 357M, 357U, 357X etc. and is a special PBT+PC unreinforced alloy. It is an impact modified flame retardant PBT for injection moulding purpose. It has outstanding chemical resistance and is UL94 V0 rated. The main applications are in the electrical industry, switches and enclosures, and electric vehicle chargers. The EV industry is on the rise, and we expect the demand to increase rapidly for such alloys and compounds.

VALOX FR 420SEO: Sustainability Meets Performance

VALOX 420SE0 is a 30% glass filled flame retardant PBT, which possesses UL94 V0 properties. It is also widely used in the electrical and electronic industries to manufacture products such as bobbins, fan components and connectors etc. This product again has exceptional chemical resistance.


As innovation continues to push the boundaries of materials science, PBT resins and VALOX polymers remain at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions. Kapoor Sales Corporation’s dedication to providing quality materials and insights helps industries worldwide achieve superior performance, safety, and sustainability. With PBT resins, PBT granules, VALOX 325, VALOX 420, VALOX FR 357, VALOX FR 420SEO, and PC ABS FR from Kapoor Sales Corporation, the possibilities for groundbreaking applications are limitless.


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