Bigcommerce Web Design – A Preferred Choice to Stay Ahead In 2021

Bigcommerce Web Design – A Preferred Choice to Stay Ahead In 2021

BigCommerce is a features-enriched e-Commerce development platform that offers all that an e-Commerce store or any other business needs for profitable online selling. The robust platform is designed with an easy-to-use interface that provided real-time data to facilitate the owners to manage the range of functionalities through remote access. If you are planning to start-up a new e-Commerce store or already have an e-Commerce store at any other platform, SEO optimized BigCommerce website design is a roadmap to grow faster successfully managing the competitive challenges.

11 The Best BigCommerce Features Rely on BigCommerce Website Design

The most reliable ‘hosted’ e-commerce solution facilitates the business owners to set their e-Commerce store in the desired way at the earliest with least waiting for website designing and optimization of features and functionalities. When you choose BigCommerce, you don’t need to pay anything extra for hosting. It is a ‘software as a service’ (SaaS) product that needs you pay a nominal fee per month. There are numbers of reasons that make BigCommerce web design a globally preferred choice:

1.Customizable pre-built templates

2.Integrated SEO tools

3.Advanced marketing tools

4.Advanced tools to track the shipping and payment processes

5.Almost 99.99% uptime

6.Customizable dashboard to managing products listing on prominent e-Commerce platforms also including Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Instagram etc

7.B2C e-commerce trading solutions

8.Integrated customizable POS (point-of-sale) solution

9.B2B e-commerce trading solutions

10.Content management system (CMS)

11.Integrated Akamai Image Manager for quick image optimization

7 Tips to Make Bigcommerce Web Design Stay Competitive in 2021

To grow steady at the planned progress rate amid the challenging environment, you need to have the best-designed e-Commerce store; BigCommerce offers all that your business needs to address the target customer segment as well as all that you need to manage your e-Commerce activities with the least requirement of external professional help. The following seven tips will help you strengthen the competency of your BigCommerce website:

1.Keep the store’s design with Rich Snippets simple to ensure the best user experience as user experience is going to be a strong ranking signal in 2021 after the rolling out of ‘Google Page Experience’ update.

2.Simplify the navigation by integrating mega menu, fly-out menu or drop-down menu.

3.Optimize the BigCommerce designing for mobile users with a focus on fast page loading; because the page speed is a landing page ranking signalfor searches and paid Ads.

4.Keep the brand image with logo consistency all across the website and SEO activities.

5.Add real product reviews and trust seals to convince potential customers and strengthen their trust.

6.Keep the Buy Now, Add to Cart, Pay Now, and Checkout like buttons and processes visible, fast and smooth.

7.Optimize the e-Commerce store for voice- search; the increasing users of AI assistants like Alexa, Bixby, Cortana and Siri etc make it a must. Especially in COVID reality, optimizing an e-Commerce store for voice search becomes a priority.

Concluding Note:

BigCommerce is a rock-solid foundation for a powerful e-commerce store. The leading BigCommerce developer companies provide tailor-made BigCommerce development services to deliver the best experience of having an advanced BigCommerce store powered with ‘Cornerstone Light’.

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